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What is After Ophthal?

It is aimed at inspiring young ophthals planning to choose a field for fellowship. This is a series of 5 videos (one hour each) of 5 specialities (Cornea, Glaucoma, Plasty, Ped Ophthal, and Retina). For each speciality- 5 or 6 inspiring star surgeons are selected from all over India (who have experience of almost a decade into their speciality). We tried to choose surgeons from different age groups, different locations and practice patterns (Institute/ corporates/ private Practioners/ metro cities/ small cities etc). For each video, 5 same questions are asked to each star to look into their life journey that may inspire the audience. So, we get 5 replies for each questions. And all these responses along with bites from a host will be compiled into one hour video. The videos will be released on five weekends on various social media platforms tentatively in September.

Why we created After OPhthal

LJ Eye Institute took the initiative to create After Ophthal for the following two reasons:

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  1. We had free time due to COVID-19 pendamic and less patient load, so thought of doing something constructive.
  2. When I finished my fellowship, the big Q for me was, ‘what to do now’- routine practice, join an institute for academic growth, work in corporates and enjoy life Or something else! People suggested to look into my heart for the answer. But it was so theoretical, couldnt figure out how heart speaks and where to put an ear to listen its sound. Then a senior advised to pick up one successful person from each of this lanes who is at least 10 years ahead of you and imagine your life like them. Did same, and guess what, I found the answer. Since I was from a big institute (LVPEI) and had excellent exposure, to people within and those visiting during various conferences in institute itself, this exercise was pretty easy for me. But, 2 years flashback, it was altogether different story. I passed out as MS Ophthalmology from medical college in Chhattisgarh, hardly any exposure of various fields after ophthal, didn’t know names of people in various subspecialties, forget about talking and meeting them…and on top of it, was very shy and underconfident to talk to any big name if happen to bump into any state/ national meeting. And it took me 1/1.5 years and a few events to figure out my next career decision.

    So, the crux of the matter was knowing someone ahead of you in a particular field of your choice helps taking proper decision as well as preparing self for the path ahead. WE tried to do same in After OPhthal while bridging this at least a decade gap between fresh passouts and seniors and super seniors. We hope this is of help.