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Advanced Surface Ablation

Advanced Surface Ablation is a progressive form of Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)Patients who want to eliminate the dependency or use of prescription glasses or contact lenses and cannot have LASIK due to irregular corneal shape or thickness are ideal candidates of ASA.

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2000+ Advanced Surface Ablation Surgeries performed at LJEI.


Patients from Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, & Rajasthan, trusts LJEI.

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LJEI is equipped with all the latest and rare Machines / Technology including AI.


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Advanced Surface Ablation In India

What is Advanced Surface Ablation?

Advanced Surface Ablation is a progressive form of Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK). With Advanced Surface Ablation, anesthetic eye drops are applied to eye and the outer surface of the cornea, called the epithelium, is gently removed with a softening agent. Once this top layer has been removed the excimer laser reshapes the cornea providing clear vision.

Advanced Surface Ablation is removing the epithelium from the cornea and treating the refractive error on the front surface of the cornea.

Advanced Surface Ablation takes approximately twenty minute s to complete and is painless. After the treatment, you will wear a soft contact lens to protect the cornea while the epithelium regenerates itself. This contact lens will stay in place for one week and does not require daily care. At your post-op visit, the contact lens will be removed by your surgeon.

Advanced Surface Ablation Procedure

ASA is an outpatient procedure that uses anaesthetic eye drops and high energy excimer laser to remove a thin outer layer of the cornea known as epithelium. Subsequently, the eye surgeon uses the laser beam to accurately vaporize the corneal surface to the precise depth and reshape it for common refractive error correction. There is no special requirement for creating a flap and multiple procedures such as LASEK, Epi-LASIK, and PRK are available for the patients. Post-operative care and rehabilitation may take between 48 to 72 hours. The surgeon may prescribe drops, medications, and additional instructions which depends on case to case.

Are ASA And LASIK are Same?

No. Although Laser procedures have been in use for treating common refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, there are subtle differences amongst these two surgical treatments. LASIK is a computer-controlled laser treatment for reshaping the cornea. In this procedure, a flap is created in the corneal tissue, folded, and then lifted up. The cornea is subsequently reshaped by removing or ablating the tissue beneath this flap. The a-spherical shape of cornea leads to post-operative complications such as glares, halos, and reduced night time vision. However, the highly advanced LASIK treatments such as Allegretto Wave Laser reduced these risks to a great extent by relying on powerful lasers with accurate and active eye tracking systems.

Advantages Of ASA Over LASIK

ASA is a highly advanced correction procedure that is precise, accurate, and ensures a great reduction in the attendant risks of eye surgeries. The benefits of ASA over LASIK include the following –


Flap creation is eliminated and so are the related risks and problems, some of which may occur many years after surgery.


Since there is no flap, the surgeon can increase the safety margin for corneal thickness to 110-180 microns, thus improving the efficiency.


Laser treatments can create an irregular surface causing the central corneal area to bulge. This is known as ECTASIA, and ASA reduces this risk to a great extent.


Immediate or long term problems such as dry eyes are also eliminated by the Advanced Surface Ablation procedure.

How many Advanced Surface Ablation Surgeries has been performed at LJ Eye Institute?

Advanced Surface Ablation performed at LJ Eye Institute

Advanced Surface Ablation

This completely blade-free approach to eye surgery is attractive to many patients. One very minor disadvantage of ASA is that vision is often slightly blurry for a few days after the surgery. This blurring is only temporary, and nearly all patients are able to drive about four days after the surgery. The ASA procedure we perform today is a very far cry from excimer laser surgery we performed twenty years ago, commonly referred to as first generation PRK. While those early cases provided excellent results, there was definitely more discomfort with surgery from that era. With vastly improved lasers and techniques today’s ASA is nearly discomfort-free in most patients.

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Contoura Patients Feedbacks

My name is ratanjot Singh vig. Actually I wore specs from the last 9 yrs and for my specs remove i operated Lasik laser from LJ EYE institute. Moreover the staffs and doctor are eco friendly. I special thanks to Mr. Vikas Mittal ji for my treatment and Mr. Manish for consuling. Lastly,i recommend to everyone for eye treatment.

Ratanjot Singh Vig

Had my LASIK surgery done by DR. vikas mittal.I came from Australia to do my FS contoura, I meet here with Dr Vikas mittal and MR Vikas who guide me through regarding Lasik process. I am very satisfied with results and will recommend others as well to do their Lasik Surgery. Best experience ever.

Ankit Battan

Hi everyone it’s dalip singh here I am writing this review for L J eye institute Ambala .I use to wear glases from last few years and I came on holiday to india from newzealand. so I thought to get rid of glasses and have surgery in this institute. I had lasik laser FS contours surgery here and got fantastic results after just couple days after surgery. My vision got more better than glasses after surgery.The staff here is very helpful and doctor Vikas Mittal done a great job on my eyes and my vision is perfect now . If any of you want to get great results and good consultation visit LJ institute.

Dalip Singh