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GLAUCATHON is a term coined by Dr. Vikas Mittal at LJ Eye Institute. It is an Annual event of LJ Eye Institute. On the occasion of “World Glaucoma Week 2019” LJ Eye Institute organised Glaucathon 2019 to spread awareness about glaucoma in our society. Glaucoma is silent thief of vision and results in to compete blindness. Glaucoma do not have symptoms. In the whole world approximately 60 million people are suffering from Glaucoma. Only in India 12500000 are suffering from Glaucoma and 90% of them are not aware of this. If treatment of glaucoma not started timely then ultimately patients of glaucoma become blind. The motive of GLAUCATHON is to target those 90% and other general public so that they can get aware on time about Glaucoma.

LJ Eye Institute(LJEI) organised its second Glaucathon on 15-March-2019 at 7:30am which was flagged off by Dr VK Gupta, Senior IMA member, Ambala. LJ Eye Institute express its gratitude to Dr VK Gupta, Dr Prabhakar Sharma, Dr Rajiv Gupta, Dr Batra, Mr Bindra and all friends who participated to encourage our endeavour in creating Glaucoma awareness.

Dr. Urvish Vashist address audience on this occasion and spread awareness with his valuable and knowledgable lecture which broadcasted live on Facebook. He handle online queries asked during live broadcast and answer the questions. We are thankful to the audience who connected with us by social media and express their interest in our mission about glaucoma.

Glaucathon event get published in many news papers including Times of India and Danik Bhaskar. The full report can be read here :