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LJ Eye Institute (LJEI) has organized a walkathon called ‘Glaucathon’ on 11th March at Mall Road, Ambala cantt to create awareness for potentially blinding disease of eyes called glaucoma or kala-motia on the occasion of World Glaucoma Week. Dr Vinod Gupta, Civil Surgeon, Ambala, flagged off the walk which was attended by over one hundred and fifty participants including many medical professionals. Dr Gupta appreciated the efforts of Dr Vikas Mittal, Medical Director of LJEI, for organising this awareness programme. Dr Mittal informed that glaucoma is one of most important causes of permanent blindness in India. As it doesn’t cause any symptoms in most of patients, it generally goes undetected until it’s last stage. Regular eye checkup after 40 years of age is the only way to curb the glaucoma blindness.

LJEI later organised a public education seminar on glaucoma by Dr Urvish Vashith, Glaucoma specialist, which was attended by a good number of patients. Patients interacted with the doctors of the institute and cleared their doubts regarding glaucoma.

It is noteworthy that 11th March to 17th March is celebrated as World Glaucoma Week to create awareness about this disease also called as “the silent thief of vision” that is a leading cause of irreversible blindness.
The global prevalence of glaucoma for population aged 40-80 is estimated to be 64.3 million and it will increase to 80million by 2020. The estimated prevalence of glaucoma in India is 11.9million and India is projected to be the second largest home of glaucoma cases by 2020.
The major reason behind high prevalence of this disease is lack of awareness among people which significantly increases the risk of blindness. The studies findings stress on the need to spread awareness about glaucoma for prevention and related blindness.