Ocular Prosthesis Services

Socket and Orbito-facial prosthesis

The loss of an eye (due to tumor or injury) can be socially devastating to any person. Despite advances in technology, vision loss is sometimes inevitable. But certainly, We can bring back the normal appearance of the face and eyes.
This field of ophthalmic plastic surgery is developing into a highly specialized area, called Anophthalmia, Socket and Orbitofacial prosthesis. This art and science of restoring the normal appearance involves specialized surgeries and prosthesis making.

While the vision loss is irreversible, we can certainly bring back the normal appearance of the patient’s face and eyes. It is made from the highest medical grade of polymer materials. At LJ Eye Institute, we provide the best ocular prosthesis, also termed as ‘custom’ ocular prosthesis. This involves making an impression of your exact socket size, and preparing and painting an artificial eye that is meant’just for you’. This is much more precise, and problem free, compared to simply picking up a standard sized plastic eye from a box (stock eye), and guessing the best fit. If a child is born with either anophthalmia (no eye/eyes) or microphthalmia (small eyes), the eye socket needs to be expanded to ensure that there is no residual orbital imbalance and to stimulate natural orbital and soft tissue development. This is achieved by various means over a period of days and weeks, depending on the individual case, to a point where a cosmetic prosthesis can be provided.