Oculoplasty Services

What is Dacryology?

This branch of science deals with problems related to lacrimal system. Watery eyes in children or adults can be due to blockade in lacrimal system from punctum, canalicus to nasolacrimal duct. Punctal stenosis is managed withlatest technique of punctal dilatation and monocanalicular intubation.
We provide an excellent approach to nasolacrimal duct obstruction in children with syringing and probing along with nasal endoscopy. Endoscopy offers an added advantage of treating the issue in nasal cavity. Nasolacrimal duct blockade in adults is addressed by creating a bypass into nasal cavity.
DCR or Dacryocystorh is a surgical procedure that creates an alternate new pathway for the drainage of tears between the tear sac and the nose by removing an intervening piece of bone. This is commonly performed for irreversible tar duct obstruction at its distal end within the nose.