Complicated Cataracts

Complicated Cataract Specialists in Ambala

What are Complicated Cataracts?

Cataracts with different risk factors differ in their clinical course. Surgical removal of such cataracts requires a differentiated approach to drug therapy in the pre- and postoperative periods. On the other hand, surgery, for example, for uveal cataracts involves additional manipulations, dissection of synechias or more coarse adhesions. The risk of inflammations in the immediate postoperative period and of secondary cataracts in remote periods is high in diabetics with uveal cataracts. Analysis of published data and our own clinical findings permitted us to make the existing classifications of complicated cataracts more accurate. We consider that the term “complicated cataracts” should not be changed. This patient population includes those for which the factors of risk of cataracts are uveitis, myopia, glaucoma, diabetes mellitus, and other diseases causing changes in ocular structures, which, in turn, become a risk factor in terms of development of complications during and after cataract extraction.