Amniotic Membrane Grafting

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amniotic membrane grafting in Ambala

Amniotic Membrane Grafting (AMG)

Amniotic membrane (innermost layer of the placenta) is used as a biological dressing harvested from the human placenta at the time of a planned caesarean section and is properly screened for transmissible diseases.
It is beneficial for many ocular conditions like non- healing corneal defects, corneal melts, chemical burns, pterygium, partialimbal stem cell deficiency, dry eye disease, Stevens Johnson Syndrome and conjunctival tumours etc. where the ocular surface becomes compromised leading to pain, visual loss or an undesirable cosmetic appearance. AMG helps in patient recovery by reducing inflammation, promoting regenerative healing’ suppressing pain associated with inflammation ad achieving a superior cosmetic outcome

amniotic membrane grafting(AMG) in Ambala