What is ptosis?

Droopy eyelid (ptosis) can occur as a result of birth defect, injury, muscle disorder, nerve disorder, or simply due to aging. It gives a sleepy appearance, and can even obstruct vision if severe. Ptosis may also cause excessive forehead wrinkling, abnormal head posture such as chin elevation. and eye fatigue. In children below 8 years of age, severe droop might obstruct development of vision leading to a lazy (amblyopic) eye thus reducing vision. In adults, droopy eyelid is mainly a cosmetic concern. Surgery can correct this problem by repairing the muscle that lifts the eyelid.

Surgical Technique
Several surgical options are available, and the type of surgery used depends upon the severity of the droop. When the eyelid droop is mild, a simple lift of the tissues is performed from the back of the eyelid (Mullerectomy). Moderate droop requires tightening of the muscle that lifts the eyelid (levator. In severe droop, the eyelid has to be connected to the eyebrow muscle (frontalis) to effect eyelid lift.